We at IndianWalnut.co have been in the Indian Walnut (Nuez de la India) business for over 10 years. We completely back our product, and we strive to exceed customer expectations. This provides you with several advantages when you buy from us, that the competition cannot beat:

  • 10 Years of Experience using the Indian Walnut, and more than 3 years Marketing it
  • Professionally Prepared and Assorted
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  • Customer Service to help answer questions
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Most of our competitors will send you the Indian Walnut in it’s raw form. They expect you to properly cut and prepare the nut, while some go even further in instructing you to make a tea out of the Walnut every night.
Since our Indian Walnut is the only Professionally prepared and assorted product of it’s kind in the industry – Our instructions are hassle-free and require less than 1 minute of your time every night.

We’re easy, and not in a bad way.